Monday, April 20, 2009

New blog

I've upgraded to a new blog, please come join me there!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beautiful new canvasses

I've recently made up new prints and canvasses for my walls....images I've been waiting to get printed. It's so nice to finally have them up and I love the large sizes! I have a wall display of prints up too, but I must say that canvasses are my favorite by far, they look so gorgeous and modern and come ready to hang!!! no framing to worry about at all!
These are not the very best in product photography, :) but I had to share them with you all!
One of my favorite shots of my girl!

Just a little snapshot to show you an example of the scale of this canvas next to little C, who's 3 1/2.
Some people may worry about images that don't really have enough room around them to wrap around the canvas without losing something important, but here's an example of an option in that case. I just had it wrapped in black to coordinate and still keep the look and luxury of canvas.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Extra shoot -Jen Mahoney, Portland family photographer

Christmas vacation is here, and I need it as much as anyone, after a really busy fall season. But when I was approached to do this shoot I knew it was something I'd be happy to do.
My client's father is in Afghanastan most of the time, supporting our military as a diplomat there, assisting in the rebuilding of schools, courts, dams, etc. But he was going to be here at home for a short time this it is my honor to capture the family while he is here to be a part of the photographs. Thank you sir for the good work you are doing.

The sweet family:

Their gorgeous two better watch out as she grows older....she is just so lovely.
And those lashes are just to die for!

This little man gave me so many laughs....I just had to include this silly one of him!

Both sets of grandparents showed up as we'd planned, after we'd done some shots of just the immediate family.
I just loved the connection between little T and his grandfather, they really seem to have a special bond and a lot of fun together!
T and I played a little bit....
Such a cutie!

We got shots with each grandparent, here is Nene C.
And the man of the hour, J, is such a charming gentleman, and we are all so glad he's safe and sound.
Papa E making T laugh again. :) And grandma C, lovin' on those sweet kids!
This might be my favorite of the shoot, mom and son being cuddly.
Thanks guys, and have a very happy New Year! Be safe!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mark + Mandi

My brother's wedding was earlier this month, to the most wonderful girl! We are all so lucky to have her in the family!

The first stop of the day was at the hair salon, and this little cutie greeted me there, decked out in full Santa gear.

Mandi, getting her hair done. Pay no mind to the photog in the mirror.
...and now the veil...

Cute little bride in big honkin' red truck!

The dress.

The first look. Mark could not be more happy to see his bride!
This little old white church was so beautiful and truly charming!

Our sweet nephew!

Loved this quiet road, it gave me a chance to try this Beatles cover.

All right, this had to be one of the best happy accidents of the day. We were in this grassy location when all of a sudden a big firetruck pulled in. The firefighters were so darn nice that they let us use their big truck as a prop!
All of the little ones....we had fun telling them that it looked like an instant family.

More playing in the street!
The rings. Mark's ring is so big that you can fit Mandi's all the way through the middle of it!
Hersh giving away that bride.

Don't hate me, Mom, I had to include this gem!
THE kiss!
Our dad is so handsome....doesn't he just look so dapper?
Another funny the wedding party was announced and took their seats at the head table, a certain little girl really wanted to "sit next to Aunt Mandi"! So of course she took the last available seat....the groom's seat!
Whose child was that anyway, how embarassing! :)

We had one of the most beautiful sunsets this evening and had to run outside to capture it! This golf course was such a great reception location.

So much dancing and fun followed, it was a great time guys, thank you for including me! And I wish you every blessing in your life together, congratulations!!!